At Hammerman USA, we are dedicated to instilling young men with the traits and abilities that will serve them throughout the rest of their lives.


Compete in a challenging, exciting sport with no danger of head injury.


Learn to twirl like a ballerina with the strength of a linebacker.


Compete in local track and field meets in the surrounding area.


College scholarships are available for good high school throwers.

Hammerman USA is a not-for-profit organization committed to training young, disadvantaged boys in the sport of hammer throwing, a collegiate and international track and field event. The club is dedicated to instilling in young men the character and dedication necessary to become successful hammer throwers and productive citizens. Hammerman USA is operated by Jim Coxworth, a former All-American Hammer Thrower from the University of Illinois.

While hammer throwing is not an Illinois High School event, the club will participate in several meets each season so young men can compete against their peers. Because hammers are heavy (12-16lbs), successful throwers are generally larger, stronger boys. Boys that play football would be of a size that could successfully throw a hammer. The club will stress the importance of honesty, hard work, respect and dedication.

While hammer throwing is not as well known as a sport like football, there are no long term health problems associated with it, such as concussions. It provides large, strong, athletic boys a sport in which to complete that will not compromise their future health or well being. In addition, many colleges award athletic scholarships to leading high school hammer throwers. Hammer throwing is a field event contested in the Big Ten and most collegiate conferences around the country.

Hammer Thrower Profile

Hammer throwing is a physically taxing event due to the size and weight of the hammer itself. As a result, adult hammer throwers are generally between 5′ 10″ and 6′ 3″ in height and feature a strong lower body and excellent balance. Hammer throwing allows athletes to harness their core strength in an event with much lower injury risks than other popular sports.

Our Coach

Hammerman USA is operated by Jim Coxworth, a former All-American hammer thrower from the University of Illinois. Coach Coxworth, a local entrepreneur, has spent 35 years starting and growing small businesses in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. Since selling his last business in 2014, Mr. Coxworth has directed his energies towards a hammer throwing club to teach at risk boys ages 13-18 about the disciplined sport of throwing the hammer. Mr. Coxworth serves as the head coach of Hammerman USA.