Eliana Olvera throws the hammer
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Youth throwing hammer

Top throwing club teaches boys and girls the great sport of hammer throwing!

We train kids ages 11 to 19

Hammerman USA specializes in teaching boys and girls the unique sport of hammer throwing. Whether your son or daughter is a beginner or advanced thrower, our coaches can help improve their skills. We have all the tools to help your son or daughter reach their full potential. Visit our Training page to learn more.
During the summer, we hold practices three times a week at Hammerman Field in Aurora IL. Hammerman Field is one of the finest throwing facilities in the Midwest, designed specifically to train kids in the hammer throw. Its spacious 5½ acres and NCAA regulation cages make it perfect for safe teaching, training and first-class competitions.

Why Hammer Throwing?

Hammer Throwing offers a safe alternative to football.

Young, strong boys and girls develop speed, strength and power. Hammer throwing presents no risk of damaging blows to the head.

College Scholarship are available.

Most colleges offer partial or full scholarships for hammer throwers. But, very few high schools offer hammer throwing. That means there is far less competition for the available scholarships. Kids who excel in the hammer throw will usually have many schools trying to recruit them.

Hammer throwing is exhilarating and fun.

Hammer throwing is a unique and fascinating sport. It takes time and patience to learn how to throw the hammer. But, once you do, the fun and exhilaration of completing a “good throw” is a special feeling only throwers understand.
Hmmerman USA hammer throw training for youth in Aurora IL

Why Choose Hammerman USA?

  • Hammerman USA offers outstanding teaching and training.
  • Our state of the art throwing field is located in Aurora IL.
  • Regular competitions at Hammerman Field keep kids motivated.
  • Hammer throwing is a safe, healthy sport that encourages self confidence and discipline.
  • Hammerman USA can help your kids gain the proficiency they need to qualify for college scholarships.

Hammerman USA is a
member of the USATF