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Hammerman USA, is a charitable organization dedicated to teaching kids ages 11-18 the Hammer Throw, a track and field event. Our throwers come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many can’t afford throwing lessons, uniforms or equipment. Hammerman USA provides expert coaching, uniforms and the necessary training equipment to these kids at no charge. In addition, Hammerman USA holds throwing meets at Hammerman Field in Aurora, IL each summer so our athletes can experience the thrill of competition in this unique sport.

Sales of our shirts and sweatshirts helps us continue our mission to promote the throwing events (Hammer Throw, Discus, Shot Put and Javelin) of track and field.  The proceeds from the sale of shirts goes to purchasing equipment, maintaining the field, financing our summer track meets and paying travel expenses for our athletes to compete at regional and national throwing meets.

All of our shirts are high quality and look and feel great. If you purchase one of our shirts, you can be assured your money will go directly to promoting Hammerman USA, a 501C3 not for profit organization.

Thank you.
Jim Coxworth
Founder Hammerman USA

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