July 23, 2022 Meet Recap

On the morning of July 23, thunderstorms had passed through Hammerman Field before dawn. When the crews began setting up the field at 8 am, skies were clear. As set up continued, the radar showed some thundershowers moving into the area that were expected to exit by 9:30 am. That didn’t seem like a big deal, and we would have been able to start the meet on time.

The storms hit the field around 9 am. The parking lot was full of expectant throwers. We were all hopeful the radar was accurate, and we could begin by 10 am. As the storms rolled in, they began to re-form near the field, and they became severe. What started as a 30-minute delay, became a two-hour delay. Hammerman Field was hit with high winds, lightning and hail.

By 11 am the storms had finally moved out of the area. We were going to restart the meet when radar showed more storms heading to the area. The storms had destroyed all of the meet set up, ripped up all of our tents and the field was a mess. Sadly, we were forced to cancel the meet.

My apologies to all the athletes and parents – especially those the drove from out of town to attend this meet. All entry fees have been refunded. This was the first time in the 3 years of meets that we have had a weather cancellation. In the future, we will be setting up a link on the home page our website that will direct you to our Instagram account. We’ll use that platform to provide updates on delays or cancellations.

We are looking forward to the final Throwers League meet on August 6th and hoping the weather gods are smiling upon us.