June 17, 2023 Meet Recap

Meet #2 of the Thrower’s Series was a blast for all the spectators and athletes that made their way out to Hammerman Field this weekend! The field was absolutely packed with over 100 athletes and countless fans, and the favorable weather allowed for outstanding performances across all 4 events.

Let’s look at some of the feats accomplished by these athletes.

Hammer Throw

Ben Litman Hammer Champ

This meet’s Men’s Hammer Champion was Ben Litman, a 24-year-old unattached thrower. His throw of 59.75 meters (196 feet even) was a near PR and earned him his first place standing. Litman recently graduated from DePaul University where he threw the hammer for their Track and Field team. In second place came unattached thrower Levi Graham with a mark of 55.47 meters. He was followed by Evan Sweeney of the Aurora Sundowner’s Track Club, who took the third place standing with a throw of 53.80 meters, a new personal best.

The Women’s Hammer saw the return of the legendary Olivia Campbell. Olivia started out her Hammerman USA season in first place with a throw of 58.53 meters, or 192 feet even. She is currently in her sophomore year of college and throwing for the University of Illinois Track Team. In second came unattached thrower Gabby Yaccino with a throw of 47.34 meters. In third came Sharron Kagan of the Boas Throwing Club, who obtained a new PR of 38.36 meters.

Olivia Campbell Hammer Champ

Discus Throw

Discus Champ

The Discus Throw was packed with entries. In the Men’s Division, there were 3 flytes full of high-achieving athletes. Joshua Cygan, an incoming senior of Plainfield South High School, took first place in this event. Joshua had a throw of 51.40 meters, or 168 feet and 8 inches. This throw not only earned him a first-place ribbon but was also a six-meter improvement on his previous PR of 45.55 meters. 

In second place came Sam Meece, a 25-year-old graduate of the University of Cincinnati. Sam was just shy of taking first with a throw of 51.33 meters, or 168 feet and 5 inches. Evan Sweeney, who previously took third place in the hammer also secured third place in the Discus with a throw of 49.73 meters.

The Women’s Discus Throw was full of PRs at today’s meet. Olivia Marshall dominated the Discus with her mark of 41.64 meters (136 feet and 8 inches). This was not only earned Olivia first place but was also a solid improvement on her PR of 38.07 meters. In second came Sharron Kagan, who previously placed in the Hammer Throw. Her throw of 37.81 meters was a near-PR. In third place came Caysie Brady of Impact Throwing Academy with a mark of 34.29, a two-meter improvement on her PR of 32.03 meters.

Shot Put Throw

The Shot Put was another event packed with athletes, containing 3 flights of Men’s Throwers and 2 flights of Women’s. Both the first, second, and third standings in the Men’s Division obtained PRs as well. Nick Boesso, a thrower for Lemont Throws Club, took first with a throw of 16.35 meters, or 53 feet and 7 inches with the 16-pound-shot. In second came Jaiden Gary, a thrower representing Turner School of Throws. His new PR of 16.20 meters was an improvement on his previous PR of 16 meters even. In third came Hunter Matuch of Rush Athletics USA with a throw of 15.86 meters.

Although fewer entries were present in the Women’s Shot Put, there were still impressive performances and close competition. The first-place winner, Noelle Malkamaki, earned her position with a throw of 12.76 meters. She was followed by Discus Champ Olivia Marshall, who threw a near PR of 12.49 meters. In third place was unattached Kindle Miles with a best throw of 11.87 meters. Another notable performance was by this event’s fourth place finisher, Magdalena Kandt. At only age 12, Magdalena threw a better mark than 14 girls in the entire Women’s Shot-Put event. It is safe to say that Magdalena is on the path to doing great things over the course of her throwing career.

Shot Put Champ

Javelin Throw

Javelin Champ

This meet’s Men’s Javelin Champion was Jacob Ahlberg. Jacob threw a near-PR of 40.25 meters, or 132 feet and 1 inch. Second place was taken by Chance Butz, an unattached thrower. Chance took home his second-place ribbon with his last throw of 39.58 meters. In third place was Matthew Lee of the Boas, whose best mark was 37.26 meters.

12-year-old Magdalena Kandt made her return in the Women’s Javelin. Her best throw of the day, 27.27 meters, earned her a first-place position in this event. Charlee Kemf, a thrower for the Boas, took home her second-place ribbon with a throw of 24.46 meters. She was followed by Skai Lincoln, who threw a PR of 22.09 meters, a 2-meter improvement on her previous PR of 20.02 meters.

More Highlights

The spectators and athletes of Hammerman Field were in for a real treat today as Carnitas Don Feyo set up outside the facility. Serving delicious tacos, candy, ice cream, chips, drinks, and more, the attendees of this Hammerman USA meet were refreshed and full of delicious food. Carnitas Don Feyo is a family-owned business that makes all their mouthwatering dishes from scratch. To have them cater for your next event, check them out on Instagram at @carnitasdonfeyoo, or give them a call at 630-272-4826.

Carnitas Don Feyo

Overall, today was a great day for throwing and hanging out at Hammerman Field! We hope to see everyone back at next week’s meet on July 1st!